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Industrial Doors

Door Replacement, Repair & Installation


If an industrial door on your premises has sustained damage, it may need replacing. Alternatively, it might just need repairing. In any cases, having industrial doors of the right quality in place can be crucial to how smoothly your business operates. 

For this reason, we offer extensive, high-quality services for installing, repairing and servicing industrial doors in Peterborough.

Industrial doors serve as essential components of commercial and industrial spaces, providing security, functionality, and ease of access. In Peterborough, businesses and industries rely on a variety of industrial doors, including roller shutter doors, to ensure smooth operations, safeguard assets, and maintain a professional image.

Mitchell and the team did a fantastic job. Great communication throughout and a high class finish. We will use them again on our next project and would definitely recommend. Thanks

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Secure Your Premises

Whatever your industrial premises’ access and security needs, we offer industrial door solutions to suit. Our engineers have received training on how to fit industrial doors from various brands.

An existing industrial door might need to be replaced if it does not comply with current Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. The industrial doors we can install include high-speed doors, up-and-over doors and fire exit doors.

Diverse Applications

Peterborough’s industries and businesses span various sectors, each with unique operational needs. Industrial doors cater to these diverse requirements, ranging from loading docks to manufacturing facilities. Sectional overhead doors, high-speed doors, and fire-rated doors are just a few examples that address different functional demands.

Customisation and Aesthetics 

Industrial doors in Peterborough are not just about functionality; they also contribute to the overall appearance of a building. Businesses can choose from a range of materials, finishes, and styles to align with their brand image and architectural design. These doors seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.

Over 20-Years Expertise

Having been established in the industrial and agricultural building sector for over two decades we bring a wealth of experience to your project.

5-Star Rated Service

Our list of previous projects and completed works speak for itself. Check our gallery page to see what works we have been doing recently.

Door Repairs

Has production at your industrial plant ground to a halt due to an issue with one of the onsite doors? If so, rest assured that we can respond promptly to calls for help. We will aim to reach your plant the same day we receive your request.

Our team of engineers includes electricians who have received the necessary training for repairing a vast range of industrial doors.

Timely Repairs: Industrial doors are subjected to wear and tear over time, affecting their performance and security. Peterborough offers professional industrial door repair services that swiftly address malfunctions, damaged components, and operational issues. Timely repairs ensure that businesses can continue their operations uninterrupted.

Regular Servicing: Scheduled servicing is crucial to extend the lifespan of industrial doors and maintain their optimal performance. In Peterborough, businesses can rely on expert technicians to conduct routine maintenance, including lubrication, alignment checks, and safety assessments. Proactive servicing minimizes downtime and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns.


As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure — and that’s certainly the case when it comes to keeping industrial doors functioning as they should.

If you suspect that something is wrong with a particular industrial door your workers routinely use, feel free to ask us to assess that door. We could pick up on small issues so that they can be rectified before they have the chance to significantly worsen.

Industrial doors play a vital role in Peterborough’s bustling commercial landscape. From roller shutter doors that prioritize security to a range of industrial door types tailored to specific needs, these fixtures contribute to the smooth functioning and professional presentation of businesses. Furthermore, the availability of repair and servicing services ensures that industrial doors remain reliable assets, supporting ongoing operations and safeguarding valuable assets. In Peterborough’s dynamic business environment, industrial doors stand as integral components, enhancing security, convenience, and the overall operational efficiency of diverse industries.


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